Hands-on sessions overview

Title Date Champion Company
Compiler error reporting 'No matching overload' error has too wide range 3/3/2023 Edgar Gonzalez FundOurselves
Session about Ionide and FSAutocomplete 3/10/2023 Jimmy Byrd Motivity
Get intellisense for named fields during pattern matching 3/17/2023 Florian Verdonck GR-OSS
FsAutoComplete Code Fixes 3/24/2023 David Schaefer GR-OSS
API documentation in FSharp.Formatting 3/31/2023 Nicholas Hirschey Nova School of Business and Economics
Migrating Vite to Perla 4/7/2023 Angel D. Munoz Encora
Fixing a Fantomas style bug 4/14/2023 Josh DeGraw Pluralsight
Enhancements to generated XML Doc code-fixes 4/21/2023 David Schaefer GR-OSS
Graph-based type-checking 4/28/2023 Chet Husk Microsoft
Implement syntax for creating immutable arrays 5/5/2023 Charles Roddie Summatic
Updating F# Analyzers to net7.0 and using F# Analyzers to restrict the F# language 5/12/2023 Damian Reeves Capital One
Adding a new compiler warning for multiple record type candidates 5/17/2023 Edgar Gonzalez FundOurselves
Composing State-Aware Functions (as an Alternative to Objects) 5/26/2023 Ronald Schlenker Ronald Schlenker