Get intellisense for named fields during pattern matching


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I frequently work with named fields in discriminated unions when I’m pattern matching. An example use case: No intellisense when using named fields in discriminated unions

Notice I didn’t have any proper autocomplete for the names inside my current discrimination union. I had to look them up in the documentation, which isn’t the best editing experience.

Expected behavior

It be nice if my editor gave me a list with all the named fields. (In case of SynExpr.ObjExpr that would be objType, argOptions, withKeyword, bindings, members, extraImpls, newExprRange, range)

In this example, I’ll be using JetBrains Rider as my IDE, and we’ll be exploring how to extend its code completion infrastructure.
While I’m not an expert on this topic, I have contributed to Rider in the past and can provide a solid introduction to the subject.